Izzo Duetto - Pump Replacement



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    Brad Karp

    Greetings. The pump output hose on my Izzo Alex Duetto II is leaking, and I've obtained an original replacement hose. I've removed the top panel and outside cover, but find that the interior of the machine is so densely packed that I can't get my adjustable wrench onto the upper nut of the output hose (connected to the pump output). Essentially, the pump input hose attachment to the pump is in the way.

    I could detach the pump *input* hose from the pump input fitting to push that hose out of the way and get access to the nut at the top of the output hose I need to replace. But I'm worried that these are compression fittings: is the ferrule within these fittings single-use, such that if I disconnect the input hose and then re-attach it, the ferrule won't form a good seal anymore, and I'll have a leak?

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